Technical Projects

Renew OpenVPN Certs on Ubiquiti ERL

Its time to renew the OpenVPN certificates I created in my last post. This time I will extend the validity period.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite OpenVPN Setup

I’ve been wanting to setup an OpenVPN server for those times I’m traveling and surfing on sketchy Wi-Fi but didn’t want to buy anything or setup a PC that would be on 24/7. If you’re like me, you have a box of tech gear from past jobs/projects you hope to one day put to use […]

VPN Site-to-Site Lab

Having some routers laying around I decided to do some experimentation with VPN. I am going to test out some ways to implement site-to-site VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is used to create a secure tunnel from point A to point B via a public network like the internet.  Site-to-Site allows you […]

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a set of standards (ANSI/TIA 568-C) that when followed guarantees your wiring will support data and voice functionality reliably. This allows you to eliminate your wiring as the primary culprit when troubleshooting problems. It also lets you plan your infrastructure to account for future needs. When the company told me we were […]

Equipment Room Build

In March 2017, I received the news that one of the stations I had long worked for was being sold to another company and our remaining station would be moving to a new office location. The current building would be demolished and the property sold. Although I was not assigned to take a large role […]

NAS Server with ZFS

I got my hands on some old Dell PowerEdge 2800 servers and decided to give the company’s even older server an upgrade by creating a NAS (Network Attached Storage) box with ZFS to make sure critical data had redundancy and to mitigate the risk of corruption. I choose the open source platform NAS4FREE. It may […]

Smartapp Development

I developed four Smart apps for IOS and Android for four different radio stations.  I initially took on this project to see if I could save the company some money, earn some myself, and develop a new skill set. A bold ambition of my “I can do anything” attitude. First I looked at learning Xcode and […]

UniFi WAPs

The company I work for was in need of a Wi-Fi upgrade to replace their aging 802.11g Engenius WAPs (Wireless Access Points) and I was recently introduced to the Ubiquiti lineup of network gear. I decided to give them a try so I found a good deal on Amazon for four Ubiquiti UAP-LR UniFi AP Enterprise […]

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