Audio Projects


TV Commercial

I had the opportunity of producing a TV commercial and here it is. I even saw it air on cable TV. I came up with the script and hashed out the details with the client. I did not control any of the video elements I just wrote the script and the client delivered a 30 […]


Internet Radio

I’ve been asked many times to setup internet radio stations so clients or stations can broadcast online. Each time I’m asked to do it the setup is a totally different. This time around I’m doing it for two terrestrial radio stations that don’t want to use their current streaming service. After a lot of digging around I […]


Radio Spot 2

I guess you could say I’ve developed a reputation for being able to pull off over-the-top ads for radio with my voice and production skills. One such ad came down the pipe and was voiced by a co-worker but the client just wanted more so its was given to me to voice and produce. I thought […]

Monitor Stands

I’m finally getting my project studio together. It will be strictly setup for mixing. I’ve been able to get some great deals on needed equipment online including acoustic treatment. I’ve been looking at monitor stands for the KRKs but the ones that seem like they would work the best are more expensive than I am […]

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